Pictures Page
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NEW SECTION! Video Stuff:
Movies with thumbnails
Lord Willum Victorious! Lord Willum in defeat
Plate Stuff:
Plates for Coat of Plates "Simple" Articulated Elbows (Thank you, Your Grace!)
Coat of Plates Exterior Armoring Stump for bangin' metal.
My Fighting Helm Viking Helm
Unfinished anvil Completed Anvil
New Wisby Coat of Plates front New Wisby Coat of Plates, rear veiw
Wisby Coat of Plates clasp and new shoulders Refurbished steel and plastic legs
Chain Stuff:
My First Coif My Latest Coif
Back of latest Coif Chain Gauntlet Detail
Chain Gauntlet Front Neck wear
Juggling Balls Wire ring cutting rig
Ring cutting rig overview Cutting blade close-up
Decorative Christmas Balls  
Wire Coiler Making Coils
Leather Stuff:
I will be adding Shoe pictures to this section when my other computer gets it's memory replaced. Right now it has digital Alzhemers'.

Leather Plate vest front Leather Plate vest back
Leather Plate inside - to show how it's put together. Leather Bracers
Leather Demi Gauntlet - side view Leather Demi Gauntlet - back view
Leather full gauntlet Gauntlet strapping
Leather Gorget Inside of Leather Gorget
Leather Pouch Leather Belt and Pouch
Borrowed Leather Legs With Knees Leather Leg Armor (fuzzy picture of ugly armor)
Brewing Stuff:
Small fruit press for juicing Pre-mashing the apples
Pressing the fruit Collecting the juices
Misc. Stuff:
My intended SCA device. SCA live demonstration.
Why I should invest in pauldrons. The Calontir Colours.
Items to add to gallery:
  • Steel, Plastic, and Leather Legs . Plastic is covered with cloth to look less blatantly "Out Of Period".
  • Metal Belly Plates for "Coat of Plates"
  • Leather Pouch