Leather Armor

Also known as "That was so tasty, I think I'll wear it home!"
Ever since Man figured out how to kill for food, one of the goals of hunting has been to not get killed by your potential dinner! What better way to stay warm and safe than to use the parts you don't eat to protect you from the elements!

Men would take the skins of their prey, and through a process called Tanning render it into something stable that could both protect them and keep them warm. Generally, the thicker the fur, the more protection afforded from sharp teeth, claws or other tribes spears. As men became more sophisticated, they discovered the process of Cuir Boille to further protect themselves on the hunt and in battle. Eventually, leather gave way to chain and plate as dominant forms of protection.

Be sure to see the Pictures section for samples of my leather work. All his talent and I never had a lesson...
Hopefully this Spring when the weather gets past the point of worrying about freezing, I will attempt to thaw out and tan a raw deer hide that was given too me. I intend to tan it hair on, but as I've never done this before, I have NO IDEA how it will turn out. Once that is done, I may keep it whole and use it as a lap blanket or attatch it to my cloak. I might try to turn it into shoes, or a sporan or some other item. Right now I am leaning towards shoes, as that is my latest project. Click HERE to see how this project is going so far!  
All items shown below built by me with very little in the way of tools or training. If I can do it, YOU can do it!
  • Leather Bracer .( I should tool these and replace the picture!)
  • Leather Pouch . This was originally designed on cardstock paper. When I found a design that worked, I transfered it to leather.
  • Leather Demi Gauntlet - Side . Simple, but light and effective.
  • Leather Demi Gauntlet - Top . I need one more picture of the palm to show construction.
  • Leather Lammelar Armor . Inside picture to show contruction. Same technique can be used for steel or plastic lamelar.
  • Leather Lammelar Armor outside view. Looks cool over garb, but wear a gambeson!
  • Full Leather Gauntlet . Leather Demi-gauntlet converted to full leather gauntlet.
  • Half Gauntlet Strapping . Inside picture to show strapping.
  • Leather Gorget as used
  • Leather Gorget off. Shown as one linear piece.
  • Inside of Gorget . Shows padding and construction.