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www.WyvernCliffe.Org Web site for my home Shire in Calontir, (Central Midwest)
Build your own Perhaps THE BEST RESOURCE to get started in armoring yourself. See the downloadable PDF book "Basic Armoring" at the bottom of the page.
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Oz Tops Brewing and Winemaking tips
Yahoo group for discussing Wine, Beer and Mead making. Quick, cheap, and easy! Really easy, not that fake kinda easy that people sell you. The easy kinda easy, like the "I have 5 minutes, I think I'll make a bottle of wine" kinda easy.
Desert Torch Tailoring The ultimate in historically accurate, great looking fashion. Museum quality, wearable apparel.
Society for Creative Anachronism All dressed up with no place to go? The SCA is a great place to travel back in time, meet new and interesting people, and beat them with sticks! Kingdom of Calontir.
SCA Demonstration Page Great page that shows examples of just what these crazy SCA people do!
The Ring Lord A great source for Chain Mail raw materials. They also have a wonderful discussion forum! These people are the SchizNit! Blame Canada!
Arador Armories Bring out the black smith in you. Lots of 'How To's and essays
The Art of Martial Arts Traditional Okinawan Hard style karate in central Missouri. SCA tournament fighting is a recreation of the Western Martial Arts. This Sensei teaches the the best "Old Ways" in the traditional Eastern Martial Arts.
Springfield Leather Cows are Beautiful. Especially dead ones that have had their meat eaten and their skin boiled to make Cuir Boille
D C Wire Works A Missouri source for wire, rings, and information. Get instructions on weaves, or advice from the forum. They also will create armor pieces for you.
King's Lance This is where I bought my fighting helm.
M.A.I.L Maille Artisans International League - Another place to learn how to make Chainmaille. They have articles, weaves, pictures, tutorials, and many helpful people around.